Middle Creek’s Murphy Truly Cares

Middle Creek Elementary School cook Robin Murphy told a student not to forget his yogurt as he moved through the lunch line on Monday.
He responded by saying, “How did you know I wanted yogurt?”
Murphy replied by saying, “I see you take it every day.”
The student smiled and placed the yogurt on his tray.
It’s National School Lunch Week, and Ohio County Schools Child Nutrition Director Renee Griffin said Murphy is a staff member who cares about students and their meals. She said Murphy has been employed by Ohio County Schools for 21 years. She began her career in 1996 as a cook at Ritchie Elementary School, and she has served as a cook at Middle Creek Elementary School since 2005.
Katrina Lewis is serving in her first year as the principal of Middle Creek Elementary School. She said it has been a pleasure to work with Murphy.
“She’s an awesome lady,” Lewis said of Murphy. “She genuinely cares about the children. She knows what they like (to eat), and she notices when they don’t eat. She cares about the entire staff, and I knew it as soon as I met her.”
Murphy is quick to tell you that she is not the only cook in the Middle Creek kitchen. She describes herself and cook Jill Hutchison as “a team.” Hutchison, who has served for 16 years as an Ohio County Schools cook, said Murphy knows every Middle Creek student by name.
Murphy said she does not yet know when she will retire. She said she has a special reason to remain in the Middle Creek Elementary School kitchen.
“I have twin grandchildren who will go to school here,” Murphy said. “I’ve already had eight grandchildren come through Middle Creek while I’ve been here, so I expect it will be 10 before I’m done.”

Pictured is Middle Creek Elementary School cook Robin Murphy. She has been an Ohio County Schools cook for 21 years. Murphy is pictured with her Middle Creek “teammate,” Jill Hutchison.