First Day of School

Dr. Miller celebrates the first day of school with Woodsdale Elementary students.

Solar Eclipse

Middle Creek students take some time to view the solar eclipse.

First Day Arrival

Woodsdale Principal Ashlea Minch greets students as they arrive at Woodsdale Elementary on the first day of school.

Story Time

Middle Creek students enjoy their first story time of the new school year.

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Wheeling Park’s Rick Marsh: A Coach in the Classroom, A Teacher on the Field

August 31, 2017

It happens several times a year, and it doesn’t matter if it takes place in the classroom or on the gridiron. Wheeling Park High School teacher and football coach Rick Marsh said one of the true joys of his profession is that moment when a student or a student athlete achieves a goal that they…

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Ritchie’s Elaine Read Sets the Tone

August 30, 2017

Ritchie Elementary School teacher Elaine Reed believes the start of the school day determines the extent of her students’ learning. That’s why the third-grade teacher is dedicated to providing her students with a safe, joyful and encouraging environment when they enter her classroom each and every day. Reed said a day in her classroom may…

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Warwood School student Payton Nickerson is shown with Mark Lindsay - her favorite teacher.

Warwood’s Payton Nickerson is Dancing Toward Her Dream

May 11, 2017

Warwood School sixth grader Payton Nickerson is determined to become a professional dancer. At only 11 years old, it seems she’s well on her way. Nickerson will take a New Orleans stage on July 5 in an attempt to be named “Junior Miss Dance of America.” She said she is confident she’ll take the title,…

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Our Students

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Little Mermaid 1 Billboard Version 4 (1) Assessment and Curriculum Director Raquel Welch McLeod Woodsdale Photo Graduation - May Photo 2 IMG_3053 IMG_2432 IMG_2393 Steenrod Science IMG_2288 SADD 2016 (4) IMG_2135 Warwood Pledge IMG_1813 IMG_1707 IMG_1380 Steenrod Reading 2 Steenrod Reading 1 IMG_1101 IMG_1033 WPHS AP IMG_1009 IMG_0948 IMG_0934 IMG_0918 IMG_0916 IMG_0900 IMG_0879 Elm Grove 2 Steenrod Child Nutrition IMG_0599 IMG_0503 IMG_0495 IMG_0493 IMG_9895 Bethlehem Pledge IMG_0370 IMG_0354 IMG_0311 IMG_0131 IMG_9671 IMG_0018 Elm Grove Fire Prevention IMG_9267 West Liberty Flag Folding 2 West Liberty Flag Folding 1 IMG_9054 IMG_9040 Steenrod Pledge 2 Steenrod Pledge 1 IMG_8827 IMG_8751 IMG_8670 IMG_8633 Elm Grove Photo IMG_8513 IMG_8369 West Liberty IMG_8135 IMG_7889 IMG_7248 IMG_9404